Audio for Gaming

This is my Audio for Games Demo Reel.  It includes short clips representing the following: Custom Sound Effects, Sound Design with Unity, Adaptive Music, FMOD Vertical Scoring, Recording and Editing Audio Recording of Instruments and Dialogue, Themed Music Composition,  and Music Composition for Games.  More extended clips are included below.  All of the examples include games and visuals created by other sources.  The examples are audio redesigns - all visual elements are from other sources.


This is footstep sounds with the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back robot the AT-ST in mind.   I used several layers of recorded sounds to get the effect of this big Mech walking on Ice, Gravel, and Wood.

Custom Sounds 

There are several examples of custom footsteps created this video demo.   I was able to use volume and layering of other sounds to change the steps for different atmospheres. I used several sounds from the Sonics library: mud, frogs, wind, ambiance, metal, water, and glass.  I recorded backpack and breathing sounds in real time with the video. I recorded this with a large diaphragm condenser mic.  This really helps to match the mental ear with the sounds.  In this example, I tried to imagine sounds from "The Book of Eli." 

Implementing Audio Natively into Unity

This video represents custom made sounds for a Stealth game.  Sounds include: alarm, laser, doors, keycard pickup, elevator lift, footsteps, switch deactivation, and weapon fire.  There are 2 levels of background music that was created.  All of these sounds were implemented into the Unity game demo.

minimal title

Interactive Music - 3 levels - (audio redesign GTA Vice City)

Neutral Music: I used influence from the original soundtrack.  These 4 songs influenced me: Waiting for a girl like you - Foreigner.  I played flute to kind of get that beach chill mood.  There is also a flute sound in Super Strut by Deodato and I just died in your arms by Cutting Crew.  I used the keyboard sound similar to Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang.
Danger Music: Congas mainly introduce this feel.  I used the song Africa by ToTo as my my influence and quote a familiar riff from it modulated.
Combat Music: For this part I used an influence from Miami Vice - You Belong to the City by Glenn Frey which has a familiar sax riff.  I know this song is from the TV show, but I think I wanted an 80's vibe that all centers around crime in Vice City.  I played a similar riff on sax.  I wanted to create a free feel showing that you can't escape the crime of the city.  Vice City is just part of you.   For this vertical composition, I tried to make a Vertical Music Mod paying tribute to many elements and sounds of several original songs.  For the video, the layers build quickly.  This vertical composition could be used in other places in the game and build slower.  This project brought back a lot of great 80's memories.  

Dialogue Redisign for Game Demo

User Interface Sound Redisign for Game Demo

Interface sounds were created to fit a cooking theme.  Sounds from a kitchen are represented.

Sound Design using FMOD w/Unity - Hotrod Horn Hunt

This Hotrod is on the Hunt for the perfect horn.  When she finds it she goes to the finish line and does a burn out.  She loves to rev her engine while going through the tunnel.  It is always nice to know that she can have her engine at top performance by visiting the garage.  
Ambience: Your journey starts when you put your key in the ignition and fire up those 8 cylinders.  Just listen to that V8 lope.  There is the sound of driving with the top down.  You can hear the roar of the V8 with these scatter sounds: dogs, birds, passing cars, subway.
Cube Pickup: Hunt for 6 distinctly different car horns.  The other sounds duck in the mix as you pick them up.  
Music: Nothing sets the mood of cruising like the Blues.  At first there is a tempo of 100 and then it ramps up to 200 bpm.  See if you can hear the live Bari Saxophone setting the sound of the hot rod days.  There are snapshots set to fade during the win, lose, and end.
Rolling Engine: I spent a lot of time here trying to get the proper fades, acceleration, gear changes, and sound of the V8.  There are 6 different levels of engine sound with some pitch automation.  Don't be afraid to put the pedal to the metal.  There are no speed limits.
3D Garage: The garage has its own mix with these scatter sounds: Air Rachet, Air for tires, Engine Rev, and Impact Wrenches.