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Covid 19 Pandemic: As a musician, the Pandemic takes away part of our identity.  In 2007, I led a Study Abroad Trip to China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.  The trip lasted about 15 weeks and involved 13 flights.  The group consisted of me, my wife, our 2 kids, and 29 college students.  I took my soxophone on the trip and was amazed at the number of places I got to play.  Jazz groups were playing the same standards and Rock Bands were doing the same tunes all over the world.  When I returned to the States, I assumed that all of my gigs would be still be there.  Other people were playing all of my gigs: rock duo gig, 2 dance band gigs, musical gig, Philharmonic gig, etc.  I knew people could live with out me but they really lived with out me.  This was the first time in my life that I was able to feel what it is like to be dead.  However, it was great to see that people missed me.  I slowly started getting my gigs back and in about a year I was back in the saddle again.  This Pandemic time reminds me of that.  Gigs and playing are a huge part of a musicians life.  When you loose that, it iis like loosing part of your identity.  Anyways, I don't think there will be a return to normal.  There wiill be a new normal and we will make that work.